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My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said...

"Just wanted you to know that Joan and I were more than pleased at the service provided in selling our home. Some of our main reasons are; 1) Keeping in touch with us, even when we were not ready to sell, over the past 5 years or so.  2) Your knowledge of old houses in our area.  3) Having a Home Inspection/Stager service provided to us at your cost.  4) Because of Item 3, being able to sell our house ‘as is’ and therefore relieving us of the stress of having to paint and repair before putting the house up for sale. This was strategic on your part and wonderful for us.  You also were prompt in returning our phone calls and listened to what we had to say."  - Joe & Joan

"We were both very happy with Andy. He has a great knowledge of Ottawa neighbourhoods, and an excellent knowledge of homes in general that goes beyond a skin deep analysis of décor, and into what really matters – if the home is of sound construction and constitutes a sound investment given our personal circumstances. We both trusted his advice and counsel – we were happy to be working with an agent who we could trust to “tell it like it is” about a house, to go through its positives attributes but also clearly review its negatives in terms of construction and any potential downsides for our lifestyle and situation. It was also just a lot of fun to go house hunting with him!

We knew that we could rely on his knowledge and counsel to help us stay focused and make a sound decision, and we weren’t disappointed. He has an excellent network of contacts in the industry who helped make the process easy when it came time to buy. When we made the decision to purchase it was with confidence – and now that we’re moved in, we love our new place!"  - Chris & Sophie

"It was a difficult sale and I will never forget the emotional support that you provided during some rough days and I really appreciated the constant feedback that you gave me.  I always knew how the sale was going. Your office staff was just great during the entire time.

You run an excellent ship Andy and I thank you for everything you did.  I want to extend my warmest greetings to you and best wishes for a wonderful future." - P. Eaton, Ottawa

"We first contacted Andrew Morrisey about 6 months prior to selling to review with him the process as we had not bought or sold property for 22 years.  When he came to the house he had already prepared a booklet with similar properties that had sold in our area which would give us an idea of the price we should ask for our house.  He reviewed in detail the steps that he would take including having a detailed building inspection prior to listing and have a person visit that would help stage the house followed by a photographer.  He also reviewed the fees involved and what role the lawyer should play after we had received an offer.  His plan from the outset was to sell the house in the spring within 2 weeks.  We felt that would be great but doubted that would happen based on our 6 month experience 22 years before.

We discussed over the course of 5 months by e-mail the sale and Andrew quickly answered our questions for us.  When we met for the listing he was again well prepared and we arrived at a selling price and he followed through with the inspections which took over 3 hours and was extremely detailed.  This was available during the showings.  He helped also with the staging and the photographer and got the house up on the internet precisely as planned with great photos and write up.  We did not want an open house and he respected that and informed us of all agents coming to bring prospective buyers and worked out convenient times for us.

The house did sell in less than 10 days for a price we were happy with thanks to his negotiations.  He followed up after the sale was confirmed, at the closing date and after to make sure everything was fine.

In summary, although we dreaded selling Andrew was there for us every step of the way to help us.  He was committed to  selling our house and we never felt he was too busy to get back to us.  He was always well prepared, was extremely knowledgeable and made the sale much easier than expected.  My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as an outstanding broker and would use him again without reservation if the opportunity arose.  If anything the recommendations we received understated his abilities and great personality." - Bruce Jackson

"We did want to thank you for the wonderful, professional service that you provided to us.  We know that we were literally all over the map but with your guidance, we were able to find a perfect house for us.  The location has proven to be great and allows us to access everything that we need and we have spent many hours sitting on the front porch in the peaceful neighbourhood.  Your ability to meet our spontaneous requests to see properties, on short notice, was much appreciated.  We knew that the type of house that we were looking for was harder to find and when there was one, we had to get in and see it quickly and you made this happen.  Thank you again Andrew and we will certainly pass your card on to friends looking for a great agent." - Rhonda and Dan

"We the Jaber family would really like to thank you for your help and extreme dedication with helping us buy our perfect home. We greatly appreciate the level of trust and transparency you have provided during our search for a new home. The no rush and multiple options scenario helped a lot in choosing a great home. The most important aspect of course is the level of service and dedication you have provided after the purchase of the house of which you continued to provide till this day. Especially by connecting us to the right people and/or companies that were out of your scope of work. We regard you not only as a great asset but a great friend to our family. We thank you very much." - Mohamed Jaber and family

"Being first time house buyers and wanting to live Hintonbrug, Andy provided great advice in determining an appropriate home for us.  Andy knows the value of houses in Hintonburg well and was able to provide direction on the construction features to look for, potential maintenance issues and overall bang for your buck.  I would highly recommend Andy to any first time house buyer." - Mike Sward

"Now that our condo has switched hands, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the professionalism and the expertise you have dealt in making this transaction happen. I had great pleasure to work with you." - Dr. Michel Chrétien FRS

“I came across Andy after seeing one of his listings (SOLD sign!) on my street and then an ad card in my mail box. What luck for me to have made that initial contact!

Right from the get-go, I realized Andy is not only a most personable straight shooter but a dedicated knowledgeable realtor. There were no over-inflated promises or expectations which you hear far too many horror stories about. He provided sound advice and guidance throughout the entire process and was always there to answer my numerous questions. His sales strategies and accompanying work-tools were most helpful throughout the entire process and he made the whole process seem a breeze.

All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend or use his services again! Great working with you Andy!“ - Nicole Carvell

“I came across Andy after seeing one of his listings (SOLD sign!) on my street and then an ad card in my mail box. What luck for me to have made that initial contact!

Right from the get-go, I realized Andy is not only a most personable straight shooter but a dedicated knowledgeable realtor. There were no over-inflated promises or expectations which you hear far too many horror stories about. He provided sound advice and guidance throughout the entire process and was always there to answer my numerous questions. His sales strategies and accompanying work-tools were most helpful throughout the entire process and he made the whole process seem a breeze.

All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend or use his services again! Great working with you Andy!“ - Nicole Carvell

"Marilyn joins me in expressing our thanks for the help you provided us in the recent purchase of our condo. We were impressed by your professional approach. We were equally impressed by your consideration. We are grateful by the fact that at no time you tried to rush us in making a decision. In fact we vividly recall the fact that you told us that there was no need to be hasty. Since we were under some stress after leaving our home in London after 41 years and the city itself after 50 years, we really appreciated your friendly and considerate way of treating us in the purchase of our condo. It goes without saying that, for the above reasons, we would be more than happy to recommend you to any potential client." - Felix and Marilyn Atance

"I was very fortunate to have Andy Morrisey recommended to me by my niece. Together we found the perfect property that met all my requirements. Throughout the process Andy was patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. He has an excellent understanding of what repairs would be likely be necessary as well as suggested renovations that could be undertaken to enhance the property or to make it more suitable to my needs. It was rare to find any surprises in the building inspection. He has a thorough knowledge of the real estate market. Given his relaxed manner working with him was fabulous as I never felt under pressure. At the same time he is a very motivated, highly professional agent who understands the value of providing service to his clients. I would certainly call upon Andy to act as my real estate agent should the need arise." - Anna Doucet

"Andy, I wanted to call you today and thank you for all of the great work that you did to secure this property for Arthur and I. This a good purchase in the “Berg”. I appreciate all of your advice, attention to detail and customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you." - Pat Masters

"Andy’s work on our behalf is excellent. He was our real estate broker when we bought our condo, when we sold our house, and is now a manager of our commercial rental property. Andy is thoroughly trustworthy and hard-working. He has given us sound advice. He has quickly provided reliable services such as plumbing, electrical and other trades. And, he knows how to deal with difficult people saving us from having to do this task. We have a lot of confidence in Andy and we highly recommend him to others who have need of a real estate broker or a manager of rental properties." - Alan and Jean Gilmore

"We just wanted to take the time to thank you for your professionalism and patience in walking us through our first house purchase. We appreciated your pragmatic approach and your consideration for our own needs. You never pressured our decisions and provided sound advice. We especially appreciated your knowledge of property management and maintenance. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Thank you for finding our ideal home!" - Mike Wronski & Flora Mak

"Andy knows Hintonburg! We were confident that his familiarity with the neighbourhood and its quirky houses made him the best person to represent us and our property. Andy took care of every detail and brought in the right people to help us get our house ready for sale. His effective pricing and marketing strategies got us the price we wanted, and his professionalism made the whole experience as stress-free as possible.” - Julie Da Silva

“As a first time homebuyer, Andy Morrisey made the process absolutely painless. A consummate professional, he guided and educated me on the Ottawa market, allowing me to make the most informed decisions. Always available to answer my questions, Andy’s breadth of knowledge and expertise goes far beyond the paperwork and bricks and mortar of the house. He is an invaluable resource and a pleasure to work with.”- Alysia Vetter

"I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for all of your incredible assistance in the purchase of my new home. I have never learned so much about roofs, foundations, furnaces, windows and other issues regarding a house. You were extremely helpful in providing much more than I would have expected in the determination of a solid home purchase. Your comments and recommendations were truly appreciated given the short time frame within which I had available to do all of the foregoing.

I also very much appreciated the referrals for other professionals. It is always so much easier to rely on personal recommendations. I am also more than happy to refer you to any friends or colleagues. You made what is generally a very stressful experience so much easier to navigate. Thank you once again." - Tracy M. Corneau

''We feel truly blessed that things worked out the way they did. We remember meeting you last year -- we drove up to a house in Greely that was way out of our league and you kindly showed us around the open house. Your first impression made a lasting one on us. You were very informative and knowledgeable, and certainly stood out from the sea of real estate agents that we were fishing in. You told us not to jump too quickly -- to wait and find the right one. You were right.

We feel very fortunate to have chosen you to represent our interests. You really are a people-person. Not only did you make us feel comfortable through the entire home-buying process, but you put our parents at ease, showed tact with our home inspectors, and negotiated the best possible deal for us with the selling agent and homeowners.

You really demonstrated exemplary courtesy and patience, particularly when dealing with us during our 'crazy' period. More life lessons for us.'' - Kelly & Steve McKibbon

''First let me say that I recently lost my aged father & being executor of the estate needed to get my father’s condo in shape for an estate sale & I was labouring under the disadvantage of living in another city. So every time I had to do something as the executor, I had to come in to Ottawa by bus from Montreal, sometimes during horrendous weather conditions earlier this year. So when I met Andy, I was asking him for an evaluation of the property & this was a second evaluation. I already had one prepared by another realtor for the estate evaluation for my lawyer so probate could be started. However as the rest of my family, my brothers, are in Calgary, I felt I needed to have at least two evaluations. Andy was very aware of all this. Nonetheless, the day we met, he picked me up at the bus depot & on the way to my dad’s condo, made a couple of detours to get me a coffee & even pass by the funeral home, as I had to pick up my father’s ashes. He spent almost two hours with me by the time we had discussed the condo’s price range & possible renovations. He had no way of knowing if he would be the realtor I would pick to handle my dad’s condo. But I felt his advice on renovations, on possible price range, etc. to be realistic & very helpful & decided he would be the realtor I would use.

It was a very good choice as our collaboration over the renovations would prove. I was lucky enough to have access to good people working in maintenance in the building where my dad’s condo was located. I got my painter this way; but Andy did all the work in getting contractors to remove & replace the carpeting, etc.; and chose the carpeting, under padding & flooring for the kitchen & bathroom; plus a refurbished stove for the kitchen. Renovations went smoothly & very quickly. We were both extremely pleased with the end results & as such were encouraged to raise our list price several thousand from our original thought. The success of this venture is bourn out by the fact that we ended up with an offer $1000 over our list price.

Andy is energetic & engaging; a consummate professional who does not hesitate to go that extra distance to get the job done. He was incredibly helpful to me & gave his undivided attention when we were collaborating. Even if your criteria are simply the end result, the end result here was very successful. I do recommend Andy very highly.'' - Marchia Stewart


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